Welcome to Watershed Review’s Blog Site!

We are thrilled to invite you into the next phase of the Watershed Review, California State University, Chico’s literary publication. Watershed is part of a 35-year-old literary tradition and we are excited to share the ways we have updated and expanded the reach of our beloved magazine. Here are some answers about the changes have occurred:

Why Online?

The decision to transition into an online platform comes from two desires: first, online publication offers us the ability to publish more writing–especially more prose and visual art. It also allows us the ability to archive previous print issues of Watershed, making that hard-earned content easily accessible to past contributors. Second, online publishing gives our publication a sustainable future, offering a renewable space, not wedded to printing budget and sales.

Online publishing also allows for more points of connection with our contributors, both past and present, as well as the interconnected communities that exist through social networking.

A New Editorial Process

In the previous model, Watershed was produced as a practicum for the Literary Editing & Publishing Certificate program. While this provided a crucial tool for training student editors, it was also limited to campus and local community submissions and was subject to shifts in aesthetic preference due to the constantly changing student body.

Though we lament that the Certificate program has been put on hiatus, we are taking this chance to develop Watershed Review into a space that can offer English and Journalism students an opportunity to learn the various parts of editing a literary magazine, extend our calls for submission to the larger literary world, take advantage of an online submission process, and create a rigorous and focused editorial staff.

Sarah Pape, English faculty and published author, will be the faculty adviser and Managing Editor. Sabrina Derr, current English Graduate student, creative writer and graduate of Chico’s Literary Editing & Publishing Certificate, will be the Student Editor-in-Chief. A committed group of experienced student editors will comprise the rest of the editorial staff. We will introduce them to you here over the course of the semester.

Stay Close

There are numerous ways to stay in contact with the Watershed Review. We want to hear from you and we’re so excited to read your writing!

Email us any questions: watershedcsuc@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Watershed-Review/277357175706705

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