2014 Best of the Net Nominations

Watershed Review is pleased to announce our nominations for the 2014 Best of the Net anthology. Thank you to our contributors for the honor of featuring their work in the the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 issues!


“Poem That Contains an Emotional Truth” by Mark Haunschild, Fall 2013

“Worksheet” by Natalie Peeterse, Fall 2013

“Summertime on the Family Farm” by Nathan Slinker, Fall 2013

“CATCALL #27” by Michelle S. Reed, Spring 2014

“Designation” by Caitlin Scarano, Spring 2014

“At Thirty-Seven, In Bed” by Neesa Sonoquie, Spring 2014


“What Harold Saw” by Christie Hinrichs, Spring 2014

“Glass-Bottomed Boat” by MaryRose Lovgren, Spring 2014


“Qualifications on Twenty Things Said About Dover Cake” by Matthew Gavin Frank, Fall 2013

“49: The Last Five Days” by Eva Saulitis, Spring 2014


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